My first single release in April 2014

Song title: Be still my heart

Song/ lyrics by Nora Sahak Lawrie

Music arrangement by Zul Khaliff



Original single 2014


Nora Sahak 


 Malaysian-born singer who now resides in Brisbane.

Music and singing have always been passions of hers,

 she has been fortunate to have sung with the Malaysian Radio/TV Station ‘RTM Orchestra’ in Sabah from 1995-1999.


Her past vocal teachers,

Roland Gomes and Sook Peng,

are renown vocal teachers in Sabah.

Collaborative opportunities with professional musicians and performances at 5-star hotels such as Rasa Ria Resort, Shangri La Resort, Hyatt Hotel in Kota Kinabalu Sabah, are highlights of her singing career thus far.

Music and singing
are her ultimate passions

which bring day-to-day joy both professionally, and in her private life.

 She loves Pop, Rock, Funk, Blues and Jazz.


She has been performing in Brisbane since 2013 

in various venues. 








Nora & Michael  


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